House of Amber Nectar Launches ‘Pink Dolphin’ Tasting Hard Seltzer

Amber Nectar Pink Dolphin Hard Seltzer

House of Amber Nectar is a Singapore-based alcohol and spirits distributer responsible for some of our favourite alcohols. This includes the world’s number one spirit JINRO soju, and popular Korean beer, HITE Extra Cold.

Finally branching out, House of Amber Nectar unveils a new consumer brand and product line-up: AN Lager and AN Hard Seltzer.

The AN Lager is easy to drink on its own, but tastier with its accompanying enhancer. This innovative first-of-its-kind enhancer in mango passionfruit flavour comes in a sachet conveniently placed at the neck of the bottle. Simply lift off the label, twist the cap off from the sachet and inject its contents directly into the beer.

The crisp and mild lager already features subtle notes of hops and malt, and serves as the perfect base for mixing. The mango passionfruit enhancer adds a subtle sweetness and tang to the lager, masking the maltiness of the original.

My favourite of the two would be the AN Hard Seltzer.

Punily known as ‘Son of a Peach’, the drink is a refreshing thirst quencher. Developed in Singapore, it represents Amber Nectar’s quirky side. This fizzy refresher is available in 330ml glass bottles, an uncommon packaging for hard seltzers.

amber nectar son of a peach seltzer

The seltzer has a pleasant aroma, and truly reminds me of the iconic 90s drink, Pink Dolphin. The pleasant aroma and peachy clean flavour of white peaches makes it light and easy to drink. AN Hard Seltzer is best enjoyed chilled or with ice and has only 4% alcohol by volume (ABV).

The best perk of both Amber Nectar’s new launches is their low-calorie count. Both drinks are sweetened with stevia, making them less than 99 calories per bottle.

Both Amber Nectar products are available for purchase via their online store, ShopeeLazada and Qoo10.

(Images: House of Amber Nectar)

This media feature on House of Amber Nectar’s hard seltzer and lager was originally published on Augustman on 22 July 2021.