Amber Nectar is a FMCG market expansion company that aims to be both creative and resourceful for the brands we represent and the customers we serve! 

Based on your beverage preferences, we carry 2 types of beers for our house brand - the easy-to-drink Amber Nectar lager and the creamy Amber Frost. Our versatile beers suit just about any occasion, whether they’re paired with snacks at a house party or consumed alongside dishes at dinner. 

House of Amber Nectar is a distributor of a wide selection of alcohols from established brands around the world. For orders above $100, we provide free doorstep delivery!

Amber Nectar Lager (4.5% ABV)
Our lagers come in 2 delicious flavours – lime and apricot. With its light profile, it’s easy to consume and perfect to mix with other drinks.

Pairs well with: Chicken wings, fries, salads, spicy foods and shellfish

Amber Frost
Developed with 12 years of experience, this is a creamy and smooth draft beer that’s brewed with a 100% malt recipe and a unique non-thermal processing technology.

It contains special malts and aroma hops, which gives it a refreshing and rich taste!

Pairs well with: Roasted, smoked, barbecued/grilled or stewed dishes