Berliner Pilsner is a German beer brand that was founded in East Berlin in 1963. The iconic red bear logo was also created at the same time and is still used today. It symbolises the infamous Berlin Bear which is a mascot of the capital.

In 1991, a well-known techno club Tresor opened for business and sold Berliner Pilsner beers. During the first Carnival of Cultures (1996) in Ottawa, the brand’s alcoholic beverages were made available for attendees. Since then, the beer has been available at every Pentecost.

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Other significant events

2000: sponsored 1. FC Union club
2004: drinks available at BAR25 and Berghain
2010: drinks available at Citadel Music Festival

Today, House of Amber Nectar distributes Berliner Pilsner beers online and provides delivery to your doorstep! 

About Berliner Pilsner beer

Alcohol content: 5%
Type of beer: lager 

The Berliner Pilsner is a medium body beer that has the aroma of a grainy cereal malt with a slightly sweet and bitter flavour. 

Awards won by Berliner Pilsner beer

2019: World Beer Awards (Silver)
2017: World Beer Awards (Gold)