Hite has over 80 years of experience in beer brewing. Thus, it’s no doubt that this traditional pale lager is now made perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a beer that’s smooth, light and refreshing.

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History of Hite

Established as Chosun Breweries in 1933, Hite Beer is South Korea’s leading brewery. Its unwavering commitment to produce the finest and superior quality products has led to its success as the top-selling beer brand in the country today.

While the Hite lager is styled upon American rice lagers such as Budweiser, the taste slightly differs as it is brewed with rice in addition to barley. This gives rise to a lighter-bodied yet slightly sweeter beer.

Hite Extra Cold Beer (4.5% ABV)

One look at its packaging and you can tell the beer is cool and refreshing with the use of dynamic and bold fonts together with the ice crystal-shaped images. From aging to filtration, all production processes are done at sub-zero temperatures right before the beer freezes.

Made with the finest aroma hops to create a rich and distinct flavour, look forward to an authentic yet fresher tasting lager!

Pairs well with: Korean fried chicken or a seafood dish like salt and pepper beer-battered squid.