Soju is the go-to choice for South Koreans and no brand is more prominent than Jinro. Established in 1924, Jinro is the country’s top selling soju brand. 

It’s best served chilled and typically consumed straight or with barbecued meats. What makes Jinro Soju popular is its versatility - it can be mixed in cocktails as a substitute for vodka. 

With various flavours to choose from their popular line of fruit-flavoured sojus, you’ll find the one that suits your taste. Get your hands on Jinro Soju today with free delivery from House of Amber Nectar if you order above $100!

Jinro Soju Flavours

  • Jinro Makkeoli (6% ABV)
    Brewed using premium white rice with the purest spring water and fermented at a low temperature over long hours, the Jinro Makkeoli has a unique, soft and clean taste.

  • Jinro Green Grape (13% ABV)
    The Jinro green grape is one of the best flavours that anyone can enjoy. Easy to drink with a lower alcohol content, its refreshing flavour will definitely capture your attention.

  • Jinro Plum (13% ABV)
    Fruity and smooth with the unique flavour of plum, this makes it a delightful party drink for fans of flavoured soju!

  • Jinro Strawberry (13% ABV)
    Launched as the latest flavor in the fruit soju series, the Jinro Strawberry captures the heart of the young with its sweet aroma of korean strawberries.

  • Jinro Grapefruit (16% ABV)
    The Jinro Grapefruit is a cool twist on a Korean’s favourite. For those who want something with a slight bitter note, this grapefruit flavoured soju might be the one for you!

  • Jinro is Back! (16.5% ABV)
    Going back to its roots, Jinro is Back is the brand’s modern take on the traditional style of soju. Taste a sense of nostalgia with the sky blue coloured bottles and silver twist caps.

  • Jinro Chamisul (16.9% ABV)
    The Jinro Chamisul is known for its cleanliness brewed through its bamboo charcoal-filtering process. Using only 100% natural ingredients, it provides a clean and fresh flavour.