La Chouffe is a strong Belgian blond beer with an 8% alcohol content level. It is highly popular among beer lovers worldwide with 94 and 97 points on Beer Advocate and RateBeer respectively. It has also received awards from the World Beer Awards and World Beer Idol.

La Chouffe has a pleasant citrus flavour that is accompanied by a mild hoppy taste and a strong spicy flavour. It also offers an aromatic fragrance of herbs and citruses.

This gold-coloured beer is easy to drink and comes with a delicious, creamy froth. It is a versatile drink that pairs well with:

  • Vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli and fennel
  • Seafood such as mussels, smoked salmon and lobster
  • Meat such as chicken and quail

About The Achouffe Brewery

In 1982, the founders of the Achouffe Brewery created their first brew - the La Chouffe beer, which was also the first Belgian craft beer. From a hobby, their interest in the craft grew to become a full time venture and eventually an international success.

The Achouffe Brewery now has more than half a dozen lines of beer, with La Chouffe as their star brew. To create a truly enchanting experience, the brewery created a family of gnomes, each with their own story, to accompany its beers.