Located in Stavanger, Norway, Lervig is one of the leading craft breweries in the industry. With an objective to brew the best beers in the world, they constantly seek new inspiration.

Lervig prides itself in being versatile and bold, creating a wide variety of high-quality beers ranging from easy-to-drink pilsners to robust and complex stouts. Their loud and quirky packaging is filled with personality and there’s something for everyone!

The House of Amber Nectar carries 5 kinds of Lervig craft beers - Easy, House Party, Lucky Jack, Perler for Svin and Lucky Jack Extra Hard.

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1. Lervig Easy (4.5% ABV)
True to its name, Lervig Easy is a light beer that’s easy to enjoy. It’s brewed with mosaic and citra hops, and the finest malts from the UK. 

• Colour: Golden haze
• Taste: Citrusy with tropical notes

2. Lervig House Party (4% ABV)
House Party is a super-clean malt that’s great for sharing with friends. Its fruity flavour makes you feel like you’re on an island holiday.

• Colour: Light golden with a slight haze
• Taste: Clean and slightly bitter with a fruity finish

3. Lervig Lucky Jack APA (4.7% ABV)
The best-selling Lucky Jack is the first pale ale to be brewed by Lervig. It features a nice balance of light malts and tropical fruits. 

• Colour: Golden orange
• Taste: Balanced, fruity and slightly bitter

4. Lervig Lucky Jack Extra Hard (6.0% ABV)
Lucky Jack Extra Hard is a stronger and medium-bodied version of the best-selling Lucky Jack pale ale. 

• Colour: Gold with white foam and slight haze
• Taste: Hoppy, fruity and malty

5. Lervig Perler for Svin (6.3% ABV)
Perler for Svin is a juicy and medium-bodied beer created through an extensive dry-hopping and fermentation process.

• Colour: Pale and hazy
• Taste: Hoppy with tropical fruit flavours