In 1954, Vedett was launched as a lager beer brand under the globally renowned Belgian brewery Duvel Moortgat. However, it did not emerge as the star of the show until 2003, when it underwent a major rebranding.

After the revamp, Vedett was introduced to the world as a quirky and fun-loving Belgian beer brand. Its unique and eye-catching concept boosted its popularity among young beer lovers worldwide. Today, Vedett has 4 trendy beers within its portfolio.

As a premium alcohol distributor in Southeast Asia, House of Amber Nectar offers the refreshing and award-winning Vedett Extra White as a part of its extensive beer collection.

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Vedett Extra White

The Vedett Extra White is 4.7% ABV wheat beer that has received a number of accolades including a Gold Medal at the World Beer Idol 2016 and World Beer Awards 2017.

This thirst-quenching drink is made from pale barley malt and wheat malt. It has a cloudy appearance and slightly grainy texture. It also carries a fresh, citrusy aroma that is accompanied by a hint of coriander. It then closes off on a sweet, lightly-perfumed note that is reminiscent of honey.