Vodka Cruiser is a fruit-inspired, vibrant vodka-based alcoholic drink with a low alcohol content of 4.6%. Sometimes referred to as an alcopop, it’s well-received among young drinkers for their variety of sweet and refreshing flavours. 

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Vodka Cruiser Flavours

Established in 2000, Vodka Cruiser is now the iconic brand for fun flavours. It continues to tap into the different taste buds and introduce more interesting combinations for drinkers to enjoy!

  • Blueberry
    The Vodka Cruiser Blueberry is a light fusion of vodka and sweet and sour blueberry flavour. The blend of the sweet and sour fruit with slight bitterness from the vodka gives the taste buds an interesting experience.

  • Orange and Passionfruit
    One look at the Vodka Cruiser Orange and Passionfruit and drinkers can already tell it has an intense flavour from its strong vibrant orange colour. Refreshing and tangy, it’s the go-to drink for the wild summer holidays.

  • Lemon-Lime
    Lemon and lime are not foreign to regular drinkers as they’re classic mixing flavours. A fresh blend of citrus with vodka, the Vodka Cruiser Lemon-Lime is a real thirst quencher and a great companion at a party!

  • Wild Raspberry
    The Vodka Cruiser Wild Raspberry is an enchanting blend of the ripe raspberry flavour and triple-distilled premium vodka. This is suitable for those with a sweet tooth and perfect as an after-dinner tipple!