Helles beers are a type of pale lager that usually come in a light or bright golden colour. They have a subtle, restrained flavour that makes them popular among many beer lovers. Like all lagers, Helles beers are clean and refreshing. Thus, they are the perfect drink for a scorching hot day.

Helles beers have a slight malt sweetness that is soft and bread-like. This malty flavour is then balanced by a light bitterness and spicy hops flavour.

At House of Amber Nectar, we carry popular brands of Helles beer such as Hofbräu München and Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier.

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Difference between helles and pilsner

Helles beer is a relatively young lager that was created by Bavarian brewers. In the late 19th century, these brewers developed this beer with the hopes of competing against the well-loved Czech pilsner*.

While both the pilsner and helles are pale lagers, the helles is typically less bitter than the pilsner. It is also fuller-bodied and maltier than its pilsner counterpart.

*The Czech pilsner is 1 of the 4 styles of pilsner beers. It has more foam and a lighter flavour as compared to the other styles of pilsners.