Lager is one of the most popular kinds of beer in the market today. It is available in three forms – pale, amber or dark, with the pale option as the most well-loved. 

These drinks have a clean, refreshing and slightly malty flavour. They are great for beginners as they are made with bottom fermenting yeast with a relatively low percentage of alcohol (3% – 9%). As these drinks range in colour and flavour, there are many different styles available: helles, pilsner, märzen, bock, Vienna lager, dunkel and schwarzbier.

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Difference between lager vs ale

Method of production
• Lagers: made using bottom-fermenting yeasts that require the fermenting liquid to remain at a cold temperature for a long time
• Ales: made using top-fermenting yeasts that work at warmer temperatures

This difference in production process affects characteristics such as flavour, carbonation and alcohol content. 

Taste and flavour
• Lagers: crisp, cooling, smooth and usually easier to drink
• Ales: sweeter, richer, more full-bodied

On top of the difference between lagers and ales, there is also some confusion when discussing lager and pilsners. Simply put, pilsners are a type of pale lager which have more spice and hop flavours.