Märzen beer is a type of lager made from Munich, Pilsner and Vienna malt. The colour of the beer can range from amber to copper. It has a sweet taste that is quickly followed by a rich, toasty maltiness. It also has a low hops flavour and almost zero hops aroma.

Märzen beers can be characterised by their low to medium alcohol content levels. They usually have an alcohol content of less than 6.3%.

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History of Märzen beer

Märzen beer came about during the time when refrigerators were not available. During the hot summer months, it was almost impossible to brew beer as bacteria would multiply in the fermentation vessels due to the heat.

As such, brewers would brew their beer in the month of March and hide it away in caves, where temperatures were lower, throughout spring and summer. Hence, beers brewed during this period became known as Märzen (German for “March”) beer.

During the celebration of the marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese, Märzen beer was served. This occasion kicked off what is now known as the Oktoberfest beer festival and Märzen beer has since been strongly associated with the Oktoberfest festival.