Wheat beers have a high wheat to malted barley ratio; the result of this is a tart, acidic and slightly sour taste. These beverages are also known to taste like bananas due to the use of yeast, which has a byproduct of fruit ester. 

Originating from Bavaria, wheat beers have a rich history of over 600 years. There are 2 popular types in the market today – German white beer (Hefeweizen) and Belgian witbier. Other variations include Lambic, Berliner Weisse, and Gose. 

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Difference between wheat beer vs lager

The alcohol percentage of wheat beer is at a manageable 3.5% - 5.5%, while lager ranges from 3% - 9%. Both of these drinks are light in colour, not too bitter and considerably low in alcohol percentage. Additionally, they both come from Germany and are globally popular.

Here’s where the difference comes in - wheat beers must have a high concentration of wheat (malted or unmalted). On the contrary, lagers are made with any combination of barley, corn and rice. 

The flavours of both types of beers can vary depending on how they're made. However, lagers generally have more hops and do not have as much foam as compared to wheat beers.