Witbier is Dutch for “white beer” – when a beer is described as “white”, it means that there is a significant amount of wheat in the beer. Alcohol content ranges from 4.5% to 5.5%.

Witbiers tend to look cloudy (sometimes milky) as they are not filtered. Their colour will range from pale yellow to pale gold.  

These beverages are usually brewed with citrus and a hint of coriander or other spices. The spices are meant to give just a tinge of flavour to keep you curious. These complementary flavours work well together to create a malty, sweet drink with some zest and tartness. 

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History of Witbier

In the 14th century, monks used fermentable grains and herb and spice blends to brew the first witbier in Belgium monasteries. Later on in the 16th century, a small town, Hoegaarden had access to premium barley, oats and wheat to make unique witbiers.

Through the years as technology got more advanced and ingredients got more readily available, witbiers were tweaked to achieve its signature flavour today.

Difference between witbier vs wheat beer

Both witbiers and wheat beer are light in colour. However, witbiers are always cloudy while wheat beers can be cloudy or clear.

Wheat beers have more hops, which translates to a crisp texture. It also has a banana-like flavour. This is different to that of witbiers as they are malty and zesty with a slight herbal spiciness.