Seltzer is a type of carbonated water that gained popularity as a healthier alternative to soda. It’s made by artificially infusing plain water with carbon dioxide.

In 1767, carbonated water was first created as an accidental invention. Since then, people have begun to enjoy its fizzy sensation in many ways, including with the addition of alcohol.

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Hard seltzer

An alcoholic seltzer, also known as a hard seltzer, is plain carbonated water with alcohol and fruit flavouring.

It’s a highball-style beverage that can be made with various alcohols. Its calorie content and alcohol percentage are often low in amount, making it a light and easy drink to enjoy. 

Difference between seltzer and sparkling water

Production method:
The biggest difference between seltzer and sparkling water is the carbonation’s source. Seltzer is fizzy water that has been carbonated artificially with pressurised carbon dioxide. 

On the other hand, sparkling water is created from natural spring water which is rich in minerals. This causes bubbles to occur naturally.  

Due to the natural carbonation, sparkling water has finer bubbles and a slightly salted taste. 

Without fruit flavouring or alcohol, seltzers may taste like bland fizzy water as it does not contain any minerals.