Similar to beer and wine, spirits can be made from a variety of fruits and grains. However, the unique factor lies in the production process where they go through an extra step called distillation. This is the reason behind its higher alcohol content. 

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Types of spirits


Vodka’s neutral taste makes it the most versatile spirit today. You can imagine a great diversity of flavours for vodka cocktails, ranging from sweet and savoury to even herbal tones.

Flavour profile: Neutral
Ageing: Rarely aged
Alcohol content: 40% - 50%


Whiskey is made from various grains such as barley, corn, rye and wheat. The end result is hence a remarkable range of styles, including single malt, blended malt and blended whiskey.

Flavour profile: Roasted, malted grain with oak undertones
Ageing: Typically charred white oak of 3 - 20 years
Alcohol content: 40% - 68%


Rum is one of the oldest distilled spirits enjoyed by those who like their alcohol with an intense flavour. It comes in varying colours and you can expect different flavours for each bottle.

Flavour profile: Sweet, toasty, sometimes spicy
Ageing: Oak barrels, up to 10 years
Alcohol content: 40% - 75%


Brandy is a form of distilled fruit spirit and its prominent flavours include white wine grapes, apples, pears, apricots and cherries. It typically has a smooth texture and finish.

Flavour profile: Fruity with a hint of oak
Ageing: Oak barrels, 3 - 20 years
Alcohol content: 40% - 60%


Gin is distilled from neutral grains and flavoured with a combination of botanicals. There are 3 main types of gin - distilled, London dry and dry gin.

Flavour profile: Herbal and dry but can vary according to the types of botanicals used. Some common flavours include juniper, anise, coriander and citrus peel
Ageing: Rarely aged
Alcohol content: 40% - 47%


Tequila is a spirit made from juices extracted solely from the blue agave plant, which is primarily found in Mexico. It has 4 different styles, namely Blanco, Resposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo.

Flavour profile: Mostly earthy tones with semi-sweet and spicy notes
Ageing: Oak barrels, 2 months - 3 years
Alcohol content: 40% - 55%