Red wine is a type of wine that’s made from dark-skinned grapes. Depending on the wine’s age, its colour can vary from beautiful hues of purple to red or dark brown. 

Whether you’re on an intimate dinner date or just drinking to destress after a hard day, this intoxicating beverage is a perfect drink for any occasion. It comes in a diversity of rich flavours, aromas and textures, so there’s a red wine to suit anyone’s taste and needs. 

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Types of red wine

1. Cabernet Sauvignon
Flavour notes: Black cherry, bell pepper, green olive, herb and cassis
Pairs well with: Fatty meats such as beef or lamb

2. Merlot
Flavour notes: Strawberry, watermelon, cherry and plum
Pairs well with: Poultry like chicken or duck

3. Malbec
Flavour notes: Sour cherry and spice
Pairs well with: Lean meats or spicier foods

4. Nebbiolo
Flavour notes: Pie cherry, plum and tar
Pairs well with: Fatty or game meats like duck or goose

5. Pinot Noir
Flavour notes: Pale cherry, raspberry, blackberry, plum, tomato leaf and beetroot
Pairs well with: Sushi or salmon

6. Syrah/Shiraz
Flavour notes: Blackberry, boysenberry, plum, clove and pepper
Pairs well with: Charcuterie board

7. Sangiovese
Flavour notes: Pie cherry, tobacco leaf and anise
Pairs well with: Pasta and pizza

8. Zinfandel
Flavour notes: Black cherry, blackberry, raspberry, prune and raisin
Pairs well with: Meat dishes like pork ribs or pizza and pasta