Sparkling wine is a carbonated wine that can be made from any white or red grape. It ranges from dry to sweet and expresses a spectrum of flavours that depends on the grapes and winemaking method used.

This type of wine is the go-to choice for family gatherings and celebrations. It’s also suitable for the health-conscious as a glass of sparkling wine contains less calories than red wine

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Sparkling wine sweetness levels

  • Extra brut
    Extra brut is the driest form of sparkling wine. As the yeast has consumed almost all of the sugar, there is a complete absence of sweetness.

  • Brut
    This is the most popular option because it’s dry with just a hint of sweetness. Champagne is a sparkling wine that often comes in the brut variety.

  • Extra dry
    This type is sweeter than extra brut and brut. The Prosecco is the most common type to be produced in the extra dry style.

  • Demi-sec

    This variation is the sweetest with noticeable sugar content and is hence often served with dessert.

    Types of sparkling wine


    Champagne is the most sought-after type of sparkling white wine and it’s usually formulated with a blend of 3 grapes: chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier.

    Champagne goes great with anything from breakfast items to fried food, making it the perfect companion for all kinds of celebrations!


    Prosecco gets its name from the village it originated in: Prosecco, Italy. It’s made from Glera grapes and tends to be on the sweeter side.

    The primary flavours come in a burst of green apple, pear, honeysuckle and lemon.

    Sparkling Rosé

    Everyone has heard of Rosé and it's most known for its pink hues and fruity aroma.

    It can come from all over the world — Italy, Oregon and Australia — but is most commonly produced in Provence, France. Expect to explore different flavours, ranging from strawberry, rose petal, honeydew to even citrus!